Commercial Property Insurance for Inside and Out

NewMark offers comprehensive Commercial Property insurance from industry-leading insurance carriers to provide coverage to all types of businesses throughout the United States. A Property insurance policy will cover the physical assets of your company – your building, its contents, and some outdoor property associated with your business — from fire, storm damage, accidents, malicious actions, theft, and other risks as well.

We will, at your request, review your property and tailor a policy to meet the specific requirements of your business. This involves reviewing your risks and current insurance to determine if there are any gaps in coverage. You may have additional risks that exceed the scope of a standard commercial property policy and require additional enhancements or policies.

A Complete Review

Our NewMark staff, at your request, will also evaluate your operation to help you determine the coverage amounts necessary for your building and business personal property (inventory, furniture, equipment, etc.), the deductibles and coinsurance values that suit your risk tolerance, and how the insurance is applied. We’ll also discuss with you the need to look at the cost of replacing your operation should a loss occur so that the building is insured for what it’s worth. We’ll help you look at the coverage amounts needed for valuable papers and records, adequate debris removal, increased cost of construction, content and improvement and better amounts, and equipment coverage.

We will also discuss the need for Business Interruption insurance, and help you determine if you have adequate coverage. In the event your business becomes shuttered because of a fire or storm, you need to make sure you can continue to pay ongoing expenses while repairs or rebuilding takes place and that you can recover loss of revenue due to closing your doors temporarily.

We’re ready to work to protect you, your property, assets and employees.

Talk to NewMark about your business insurance needs. Give us a call at (877) 630.1107 or email us to discuss how we can customize a program for you.