Ensuring Your Real Estate Success

Posted on: March 7, 2016 by Newmark Insurance

For those agents who are just starting out, all of the advice and tips may be overwhelming. While coming into your own and determining what works for you, there are certain foolproof tips to ensure your real estate success.  In addition to securing your Real Estate Liability Insurance policy, follow these steps to solidify your accomplishment.

Pick the Best Office

Choosing a reputable company is paramount. A long-standing successful relationship with its community means that the real estate firm is doing a great job. Ensure your listing advertisements will be covered by the office and be sure to inquire about the commission rates, training programs, and other insurance policies you may need.

Understand your Market

This is arguably one of the most important factors for your success. Learn and understand your market and determine how pricing is calculated. RIS Media states that to achieve this, agents should view comparable homes to offer pricing suggestions to clients.

Build your Portfolio

Don’t take word-of-mouth referrals for granted. While social media and online tools are great for reputation management and to promote yourself, don’t be shy about asking your former clients to recommend your services to others. Remember, you can’t have enough of these!

Communication is Key

Be prompt with handling client requests. This includes delivering pertinent information, disclosing all of the home’s features, responding to important emails, etc. Effective and efficient communication is essential to your real estate career.

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