4 Steps to Achieve a Safe Open House

Posted on: May 6, 2016 by Newmark Insurance

Being a real estate agent has its fair share of risks. From professional liability exposures to being vulnerable at an open house, there is no shortage of opportunity of threats for these professionals. However, with the right strategies and safety precautions, your open house can go off without a hitch. In addition to securing a comprehensive Real Estate Agent Workers’ Compensation policy, take the following considerations into account before hosting your next open house.

Don’t box yourself in.

Take a few extra minutes to be sure you’re not boxed in when parking. It’s also recommended that you find a spot that gives you clear sight lines from your car to the doorway without any potential hiding spots for someone to surprise you. Especially when showing a home at night, ensure you are constantly looking around and being aware of your surroundings.

Introduce yourself to the neighbors.

There’s always safety in numbers. Let then neighbors know when the showing will be and invite them over to join.

Hide valuables.

Develop a list of valuables clients should put away before an open house, including mail, jewelry, prescription drugs, extra sets of keys, and financial statements, among others, says Inman. This way, if theft occurs, you will not be held liable.

Set yourself up for safety.

Establish exit routes in each part of the house, and consider leaving the garage door open for an easy exit. However, be sure the door leading to the home is locked and direct clients toward the front door so you can keep an eye on anyone who comes in. Next, put a bell on the door so no one surprises you and require that guests sign in so you have a record of them being there. Next, never host an open house alone. Bring a friend or colleague to host it with you just to be safe.

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