How to Sell a Home Quickly

Posted on: July 22, 2016 by Newmark Insurance

In a fluctuating housing market, the sale of homes can either happen within days or sit on the market for months without any activity. However, with your real estate expertise and a few simple recommendations, it’s possible to get your listings sold quickly. Therefore, in addition to heeding the following advice, ensure your Real Estate Professional Liability insurance is up to date and in effect to provide the defense you need in your daily operations.

Price it right.

Underpricing and overpricing a home has created a divide in the real estate industry. In one camp, overpricing is believed to sell a home for more money. However, in the other camp, underpricing a home can drive interest in the home and create a bidding war which can increase the selling price, as well. Therefore, understanding how much buyers are aware of the housing market should not be disregarded. In addition, a fair, market-value price of the home is ideal.

Stage the home.

If you are selling a vacant home, take advantage of the space and stage it. This way, potential buyers will see the home in the best light and can envision how their furniture would fit. Choose a simple, modern look to showcase the potential of the home and buyers are sure to notice.

Time it right.

Now is the best time to put a home on the market. “Election years mean uncertainty to a housing market,” says Mike Minihan, an Atlanta, GA, real estate agent. “If you are concerned that the election could potentially throw a wrench in the market, [spring and early summer] will be early enough in the year to get the house sold before wild speculation starts breeding fear in homebuyers,” he discussed with Trulia.

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