Real Estate Pros: How to Effectively Use Facebook

Posted on: February 9, 2016 by Newmark Insurance

As the majority of people have their own social media sites, it is a great tool for business to utilize to promote themselves and their agency. As this instrument is becoming increasingly popular as a way for clients to be reached, the following 5 Facebook tips are recommended to reduce Real Estate E&O Liability.

Connecting with Clients

Real estate agents can post listings on their Facebook pages and promote engagement with potential clients. Rather than asking people for their contact information, you can find them on Facebook or LinkedIn and establish credibility immediately. Katy Dinner of Katy Dinner Real Estate says “It’s a softer way to connect — instead of sending them an email from my business address, I can connect on a personal level on Facebook and then invite them to my business page.” Don’t forget to include photographs and ask open ended questions about potential properties. However, in order to maintain professionalism, it is advised that agents be extremely careful when combining their business profile and their personal page.

Consistent Communication

Regular blogs, newsworthy articles, breaking information, updates, etc. can be shared on your social media page to stay relevant with your followers.

Integrate Marketing Strategies

If you have your own website for your agency or your personal practice, integrate the blogs you write and your company information via your Facebook page. This way, your followers and friends can view your content and be pulled into the conversation.

Facebook Ads

New properties and agents themselves can be marketed through Facebook ads. These allow your newsletters and listings to be broadcasted through an incredibly diverse market and exposes them to  information that wouldn’t otherwise be seen.

Professional Image

While social media usage is pivotal for real estate marketing, maintaining a professional image is just as important. As Dinner explains, “Everybody on Facebook is a potential client. It’s critical that you pay close attention to the image you’re creating with your posts and pictures.” In turn, your agency will remain credible, as well.

With ample industry experience, we understand the risks real estate agents face regularly. At NewMark Insurance Services, we make every effort to provide custom solutions to protect your business and employees. For more information on our workers’ compensation policies, as well as our other professional liability lines, please contact our specialists today at (855) 777-6549.

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