Reducing D&O Liability by Reducing Stress

Posted on: March 28, 2016 by Newmark Insurance

Like any other industry, real estate directors and officers face stress on the job. While not all stressful scenarios and issues can be prevented, there are ways to manage and reduce it. In turn, Directors & Officers Liability is reduced and productivity will improve.

What’s the source of the pressure?

A general sense of stress can’t be helped. Therefore, it’s important to note the source of the stress in order to find a way to reduce it. Identify all of the factors and determine how they can be managed. This will bring some clarity to the situation and keep from obsessing about things that are beyond your sphere of influence, according to Inside Counsel.

Be Proactive

If there’s something coming up that seems daunting, start researching and preparing for the event. If you fear for your job, start sending out feelers and updating your resume, just in case.

Stay Organized

Come to work each day with a plan in place. Tackle each task one at a time to remain focused and reduce your anxiety. As the director of a company, tasks and emails undoubtedly pile up rapidly. Therefore, try using a simple to-do list with prioritized tasks.

Avoid Negativity

As D&O’s often serve as the standard for communication in the office, it’s important to veer away from the negativity and chatter around the office. Studies have shown that people who participate in gossip and negative work conversations are more likely to be disengaged or get burnt out.

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