Using Facebook to Boost Business

Posted on: October 1, 2016 by Newmark Insurance

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform in existence. As using this tool can be a great way to gain exposure and demonstrate professionalism, many industry professionals have turned to Facebook in an attempt to generate leads. However, this has proven more difficult than they thought. But, before giving up, read on to discover how to boost business using social media and secure your firm with a Real Estate E&O policy.

Use a personal account.

While Facebook insists that businesses use a public page versus a personal profile, this can create some confusion among potential followers and friends. As the real estate agent themselves run their own personal business, Facebook will allow you to create just one personal account. If you create a business and a personal page, it causes confusion. When people search for you on Facebook you will appear twice. This can lead to confusion or people “friend requesting” the “wrong” profile. When this happens you are unlikely to reach out to that person and ask them to use your other one. The other large issue is that if you have two profiles, Mary Smith and Mary Smith – Professional REALTOR, most people will avoid the latter as it suggests that this particular profile will be all business as opposed to people getting to know the real you, says RIS Media.

Engage with friends and post frequently.

Facebook uses complex mathematical algorithms so identify what their users want to see in their news feeds. To stay relevant with your followers, post interesting and engaging material and encourage conversation. This will ensure your stories and posts continue to show up in their news feed.

Minimize advertisements.

If all you post are ads, your posts will soon be lost in translation with no engagement. Instead, post fun and entertaining items on your page and incorporate your ads about 10% of the time. Post plenty of pictures of happy homeowners you worked with to showcase your talent and your resume!

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